4 Fashion Mistakes That Petite Women Should Avoid

Being petite has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, don’t worry if your height is short. There are many things that can work in your favor such as you could look much younger when compared to the taller girls of your age. People would have appreciated saying that you are cute. So, don’t consider the height factor as a disadvantage. Fashion can surely let you down if you don’t know the right way of wearing clothes or if you are unaware of fashion mistakes that you have been doing in past. It’s time for you to read the below guide to avoid the fashion blunders and improve your wardrobe to look your best in everything you wear.

Following Communities

A proper outfit is what you can look for. We all will follow a few of the fashion communities to go with the trend. But, have you ever wondered that a small fashion mistake can be disastrous for your look? Those 6-feet tall models might seem to appear pretty, but don’t do the mistake of following their style. You might end up looking shorter in those long gowns, bulky jackets or shoes. Wear the right proportion. Always stick to your sense of style. Don’t overdo it by wearing too much.

Opting for Horizontal Stripes

If you love outfits with horizontal stripes and are waiting for some pleasing comments, then just forget it because with horizontal stripes and prints you might land up looking shorter. Well, if there’s a ‘No’ for horizontal stripes, you can opt for vertical stripes that will make you look taller and help you achieve the perfect tall look you desire.  

Wearing Oversized Jackets and Baggy Outfits

Do not go for oversized coats or jackets. They will make you look shorter. We all love wearing jackets but try not to wear heavy jackets as they will not bring out the best in you. Also, avoid wearing baggy outfits as they will make you look bigger than your actual size.

Donning Long Outfits

Every girl loves to wear long flowing dresses, but not everyone can carry it off. Girls with short height are supposed to avoid these long dresses because it makes them look shorter by hiding their legs. Shorten the length of the dress or if you really want to wear that maxi dress then here’s how you can still flaunt that dress of yours by sticking to the right color and pattern.

These are the top 4 fashion mistakes that all the petite women should be avoiding to look their best in everything they wear.

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