4 Kinds of Handbags That Every Woman Must Add to Her Bag Collection

One of the greatest weaknesses of women is handbags! They cannot simply stop buying them. The continuously upgrading styles and new online trends are to be blamed. Let’s be honest. We all own that extra box of handbags that’s either concealed in the lowest shelf of the cupboard or buried under the bed. No matter how many handbags you own, there are four primary styles that will compliment almost all outfits. They come handy in many unprepared situations and can also be used on a daily basis. Here’s the list of different styles of handbags that every woman must add to her bag collection.

  • Shoulder Bag

This is a multipurpose bag, which can hold things like makeup kit, wallet, small water bottle, few documents, sunglasses case, and mobile phone. Women mostly like to carry many things on the go and this bag is an absolute lifesaver. Many brands have their own variants, which make it all the more irresistible.

  • Sling Bag

This cross-body bag is not only functional, comfortable, and stylish but also very light, which makes it easy to carry especially during vacations and events where there is a lot of physical activity and you cannot spare a hand to hold your bag. The maximum it can hold is a phone, a lipstick, a compact, and maybe your id proof.

  • Satchel

This bag is dedicated to all those fashionable working women who prefer to carry their laptop and purse in the same bag. Make sure you buy a satchel from a reputed brand as it doesn’t just need to look good but also should be made from superior quality in order to bear the weight of heavy items. For long term use, a thick material is always recommended.

  • Clutch

This cute little handheld bag is simply classy, elegant and made for pure sophistication. Named after the action of clutching, it is famously carried during events for which you are heavily dressed. Although they can be hung around with detachable thin chains, most ladies prefer to hold them. For more special events, a highly decorated clutch called Minaudiere can be used. Minaudiere is a clutch coated with colored stones, gems, and charms oozing grandeur.

An additional tip would be to own universally colored bags such as black, tan, nude and gold, which complement all dresses and are ideal for any occasion.

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