Top 4 Global Fashion Trends for Women 2018

As the year is about to end, the fashion fraternity gets busy speculating the emerging trends of the next year. 2018 was speculated as a year of extremes of the fashion spectrum.

Let us see what trends finally emerged for women in 2018.

Apparels with Enhanced Functionality

The modern woman today attends corporate events, meetings, socializing and travelling more frequently and farther from home. Her apparel needs to be more adaptive to the changing weather, should be travel-friendly and hyper-versatile. So, the clothes that are functional right from the gym to office and happy hours are in trend.

Eco-Friendly Stuff

The consumers today take a special interest on the environment and how things impact it. They are conscious of their acts and want the fashion houses and brands to be responsible too. Those brands that understand this and are careful of their products not impacting the environment adversely will make their mark. The consumers are also conscious that they should avoid things that can be cruel to animals like silk and leather. The latest trend in 2018 is to have garments and accessories that are eco-friendly and doesn’t harm the animals.

Yellow Is No More a Dirty Fellow

The color of 2017 was Millennial pink, which is now replaced by either a lighter hue of neon yellow or lavender in 2018. The consumers this year are looking for vibrant and brighter clothes in different shades of these colors. You will see retailers lining up their products in either bright and cheerful yellow shades or some different shades of lavender to attract the attention of their customers. The colors are also widely visible in their branding and campaigns.

Long Layers

Mixing your maxi or midi layers are trending as it is both convenient and stylish. In summers, you will see women adding kimonos or duster coats as a layer, while in winters the layers consist of sweatshirts or below-the-knee jumpers to keep themselves warm yet fashionable.

Fashion keeps evolving with each passing year. Often, it’s not something very new that comes up, but the old wine gets served in new glasses, which makes it unique and refreshing. The fashion designers take inspiration from the past and mix and match something using their creativity and intelligence to come up with things that become a new trend.

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